LABC Warranty is a type of building guarantee provided by the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) – a collective organisation which represents all local authority building control teams in England and Wales.

The LABC believe that “all new buildings, conversions and extensions can be delivered to the right standards by coordinating the design, specification, construction and completion phases. The surveyors in our local councils care about the long-term safety, inclusivity and performance of buildings in your communities.”

The LABC thus helps ensure buildings are safe, healthy, inclusive and efficient, and meet the standards set by the Building Regulations.

LABC Warranty provides structural warranties in partnership with LABC, who provide the building control requirements of each new build project. Their policies are underwritten by A-rated global insurers, ensuring contractors and buyers are protected for the duration of the policy.

As a member of the Consumer Code for Home Builders homebuyers further benefit from having the added protection offered by the code. LABC Warranties are also accepted by all leading UK mortgage lenders helping property developers and buyers secure finance.

Ryearch first held LABC Warranty in 2014 and have maintained our registration ever since, providing clients with further confidence about the high quality of Ryearch’s new build housing developments.