Marjon Link Road, Derriford

Delivery of three significant transport improvement schemes to the road infrastructure in north Plymouth.

Phase 1 – Marjons Link Road, Derriford

This scheme transformed a one-way single private road that connects Plymbridge Lane to Derriford Road with an adopted two way, bus only link road.  High quality segregated cycle and pedestrian provision was also part of the scheme.

The works required bulk excavation (4,000 cube), some of which was recycled as landscaping on another site, using a waste exemption (U1) note.

Works also included a new traffic signal controlled junction, drainage works, beany kerbs and landscaping.

Ryearch had to operate in-line with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on the rare Plymouth Pear Trees, adjacent to the site.  We also had to liaise closely with Cavanagh Housing who were building a new housing estate nearby, in relation to traffic management in the area.

The contract progressed very well, all targets being met.

Please click on Phase 2 and Phase 3 for further details of this improvement scheme.


  • Creating new road layout
  • Client – Plymouth City Council
  • Completion – September 2015
  • Value – £1,200,000